AB’s birth story!

Since I sat down and wrote PB’s birth story back in October, I figured I should do AB’s as well. Her’s is much less dramatic and a lot more every day run of the mill, but I still want to remember it. 

Of course, when you’re the second child, it’s not really all about you. So – it all started when PB was only seven months old, and we found out we were pregnant. Um – surprise? It took us so long to get preggo with PB that we never dreamed a second would come along so quickly. But hello!!! AB is already a cheaper baby, so hallelujah for that! Everyone we told thought we were nuts. I don’t think a single person was actually really happy, just more concerned. Two babies only 16 months apart! We didn’t really understand how crazy we actually were until she got here. Since her arrival, we’ve met tons of people who had babies even closer in age, so it can be done!


The entire pregnancy was pretty chill and nothing compared to PB. With one exception – I was rear ended at about 30 weeks, so it called for an overnight stay in the hospital. Fine by me, one whole day of not hauling PB around was much needed. 

This time around, I was going to be well prepared. Meals in the freezer-check, nursery complete – check, hair done – check, toes done – check, available memory on my phone – check. 
Since PB came by C-section, that meant AB would, too. We were scheduled for noon on Wednesday, February 11th, and it all went as planned. You are already your DeeDee made over. We were to check into the hospital at 10am, and the nurses were ready and waiting on us. They actually called my phone at 10:04 to see where we were. Don’t worry, we were late because MDub was vacuuming out the car. Who does that?

We were taken back to prep and waited and waited on my Dr. We were so chilled!  Mdub was probably working from his phone, and I was sending hospital selfies to my friends. I apparently have done this with both day of hospital waits. The pic on the left is with PB and the pic on the right is with AB. I also must have really liked those earrings!

IMG_8900 (1)

At 12:00pm it was go time, and AB came at exactly 12:30 pm weighing exactly 6 pounds and 19 3/4 inches long. With both babies, we didn’t share the name ahead of time. People have too many opinions, and we wanted something to be a surprise for each birth. We put her hat on, and Mdub sent pics to our parents in the waiting room announcing her name. Annabell Paxton Walther – named after four grandmothers! On my side of the family, I had a grandmother named Annie, a grandmother whose maiden name was Bell, and my mom is DeeANN. We combined all the names for Annabell. Paxton comes from Mdub’s grandmother’s maiden name. 



All went great, grand, and wonderful. We stayed in the hospital until Saturday and then headed home a family of four. Even though we only live one mile from the hospital, both kids screamed the entire way, and that was probably our first wake up call. What have we done?


Over the next few days, my mom stayed with us and helped out so much. Because I had a c-section, I couldn’t lift PB to hold him. New baby at home plus your mama can’t hold you = one upset 16 month old. Other than that, PB was amazing. He has loved AB since day one. Still to this day, he can’t get enough of her. When AB was born, we all thought she had the prettiest skin, and she was going to take after Mdub. Hmm, maybe not. Four days later we found ourselves checked back into the hospital to monitor her biliruben (jaundice). This place was all too familiar, as we stayed here for 6 days with PB. Two nights under the lights, and we were good to go. 

DeeDee stayed with us and took care of us all for the next three weeks. Thank goodness for retirement! As of right now, this little girl completes our family. She has been fierce and ahead of the game since day one. It’s been a blur, but an amazing year as a mommy of two! Happy first Birthday AB!  


Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 9.39.53 PM


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