AB turns 12 months!

We are officially out of stickers! No more forgetting four days after and trying to squeeze in pics before bedtime. Just kidding!!  I am a little sad, but woohoo, we survived the first year. Get ready, because this might be the week of AB. Having your birthday party a week after your actual birthday with Valentine’s squeezed in there, makes for a pretty eventful week. 

Paige took AB’s 1 year pics, and I just got them, so I’ll share on Wednesday. As usual, they are adorable!

Hair – oh curly hair…we’re definitely going to have a love-hate relationship. I wet it down right as we got to the studio, so it would be in rare form for her 1 year pics. When I got the pics back, they definitely don’t capture what her hair normally looks like because I wet it so much. #firstmomfail on her hair. I’ll know for next time!
Food – This girl is straight up ridiculous about what she puts in her mouth. We worked in the yard all day Saturday,  and I’m pretty sure she ate a small flower bed full of dirt. She loves it and gets mad at us when we try to clean her off. She’s a great eater, but her favorite is definitely dirt and nasty fireplace soot. 
Sleep – We can now say we have a kid that we can lay in bed and fall asleep on her own. PB would never think about doing that – first kid problems. But with AB, it’s almost like she prefers it now. Don’t get me wrong, she fights it and cries for a solid minute, but then she rolls over and falls right to sleep. I’m telling you, each month just keeps getting better. 
Teeth – No new teeth this month, and that big gap hasn’t gotten any smaller.

We had a great doctor appointment on Friday including 5 shots and getting her blood drawn. Worst thing ever having to hold your baby while they draw blood out of her arm.
Length – 97%
Head – 75%
Weight – 75%

PB has loved AB since the day we brought her home, but to see them play with each other is just so much fun. Don’t get me wrong, there are days that are down right awful. He hits, he pinches, he bites, and is just a really mean brother sometimes. But every day they get sweeter and sweeter with each other, and I just hope he will always want to take care of her like he does right now. 

Here’s the best we got from our late night photo shoot! 




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