AB First Birthday Party – Flowers, Flowers & more Flowers!

The week of AB has sadly come to an end. We had her party on Saturday at our house with all our friends and family. I’m not sure why, but I just have it in my head that the theme of a nursery should also be the theme of the first birthday. I go hard, and then I am over it really fast. So – if I never see another flower again, I might be ok. Too bad I’ll have to stare at her floral wallpaper until we sell this house one day!

I sent a picture of her wallpaper to the amazing Brooke at Brown Paper Couture, and she worked her magic on the invites. She always does such a great job and is my go to for invitations. 


Miss Thing was ready to party!

IMG_5934 (1)

Everything was either pink or flowers. I tried in the beginning to have all pink or white food, but since Chick-fil-A is the perfect party food, the pink theme was out the window. Michael’s has these amazing paper flowers on clearance right now that I used in the dining room. Tip – don’t use the tape they include in the kits. Hot glue those babies!IMG_0242

Simple and easy pink lemonade station setup! Complete with this fun tissue festooningIMG_0241

Of course Yard Party made a special appearance! The kids were able to stick their heads through the two flowers for a make shift photo booth! Just some of our friends from the party since some had already left. Love all these kiddos and their parents. IMG_0249 (1)FullSizeRender-1 (1)

 DeeDee saves every celebration with her amazing chalkboard creations! This will stay this way until the next time she comes back! IMG_5929

More pink and our party favors!  Remember me saying I got a Cricut for Christmas? Well, I put that bad boy to the test for this party, and it did not disappoint. I setup a flower cutout, hit start, and 5 minutes later I had enough flowers to put around these mini play dough containers. Sorry parents – I promise no more play dough coming from my house! That stuff is MESSY! I should also mention that I had extra wallpaper left over from AB’s room, so that’s what I cut all the flowers out of. IMG_7372IMG_5920

Thankfully my mom doesn’t do small parties, so I benefit from her party closet. She had these pink pillows from a previous event so I stole them the last time we were in Rotan. Perfect way to transform our patio into a PINK patio!IMG_0246

More flowers cut out with the Circuit! This is how we served the ice cream – of course, in flower pots! I’m giving away all my secrets here, but I searched high and low for these tiny pots only to find them the day before the party at none other than Dollar Tree. Who would have thought! They were the perfect size for a side of ice cream. IMG_5883IMG_7391
The birthday girl staring down her cake!

 I seriously could not throw a party without my mom. She’s ten steps ahead of me and always up for anything crazy I have in my mind. (and also there to take care of my kids the night BEFORE the party while I’m putting together a surprise nursery!)IMG_5944

FINALLY! This picture cracks me up. She loves her some cake!IMG_7417IMG_7436AB- I hope you had as much fun as we did. Throwing parties and having all your friends and family celebrate is so much fun! That’s a wrap – until next year sweet girl…Happy 1st Birthday!


3 Comments on “AB First Birthday Party – Flowers, Flowers & more Flowers!

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  2. Love all the details of this party, Dayme! So many great ideas. That flower cutout around the play dough containers – genius! Happy birthday AB!!


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