Five on Friday – Friday Favorites

It’s Friday, so you know what that means. I’m linking up again for Five on Friday and Friday Favorites. 

Our week started off kind of bad when the stomach bug decided to visit. Can you believe that I have never in my life, Mom correct me if I’m wrong, had the stomach bug? I just don’t throw up, like ever. So when I was woken up late Monday night by the awful bug, I couldn’t believe it. Let me just say, all of you out there that get morning sickness or big time sick when you’re preggo – hats off to you. Throwing up is for the birds, and I am NOT a fan. 

Ok – on to something more fun, sorry that was a little gross. #keepinitreal

As if last weekend wasn’t busy enough, we dedicated AB at church on Sunday morning. Late bedtimes plus lots of sugar = a super cranky one year old in front of a ton of people. That perfect moment you envision standing up in front of the congregation did NOT happen. AB was a hot mess screaming to be let down, and PB kept kicking his boot off and laughing about it. Not sure what kind of face I’m making here, but I’m probably thinking, “get me out of here.” Other than the not so perfect children, we are blessed to be able to commit our children to the Lord and can’t wait to see how He uses them. IMG_5974.JPG

Remember that surprise baby nursery I was talking about last Friday? Well, surprise,  surprise, this sweet family welcomed a third little boy into their family. I LOVE, LOVE doing nurseries for families especially when they’ve waited to find out the gender. 

I blogged on Wednesday about AB’s Flower Party. Check out all the details HERE if you missed it. 

I’ve professed my love for Kickee Pants before, but here it is again! They make the softest pajamas and clothes you will ever put on your kids. If you have babies, grand babies or just need a gift, you need to invest. And when I say invest, I do mean it, but it’s well worth it for a pair here and there. IMG_0288

Our fav, fav gift for AB’s first birthday has to be this pink push car. Poor AB hasn’t had much time to ride in it because PB has taken over! Mdub is so embarrassed walking around the block pushing this thing with PB in it while AB and I walk beside them. We might be purchasing a blue one pretty soon! If you need a birthday gift for a toddler- this is it!

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 9.33.22 PM

Happy Friday Friends. If you would like to receive my posts in your inbox, you can sign up to receive emails, and you’ll never miss a thing! Follow along with this crazy life on Instagram and Facebook, too!


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