Easter Outfits

 For some reason I feel the need to share a little Easter love with you. Now that we have kids, it’s really fun for me to pick out our Sunday attire. Probably because it reminds me of going to pick out an Easter dress with my grandmother each year. Not that we bought one, but we would go into the dressing room, I would try them on, and she would get her pencil and pad out and start drawing. We would  go to the fabric store to pick up the necessities, and then about a week later she would show up at my house with my perfectly made Easter dress. I thought this was completely normal, and not until I was much older did I realize not everyone’s grandmother was as talented as mine. 

I definitely won’t ever be making my daughter or grandaughter’s Easter dresses, but it sure is stressful fun to pick out. As long as I can get away with it, we will all coordinate. The kids have no clue yet, and MDub won’t notice until he sees a picture of us all together.
Since I went overboard on the pink last year, I really was looking for AB a blue dress. It wasn’t until I got a shipping confirmation for a dress I had bought back in December, whoops, that I  decided to go with the pink-blue combo. 


Of course it started with AB’s dress, because well, it’s just so adorable, and I’ve loved the smocked name ever since I saw it last year. I wrote about my love for Cecil & Lou back in the fall, and it’s still going strong! I found this cute dress for me from a local shop here in Dallas. They do have it online though! It will be a miracle if I can get PB to wear a bow tie, but I’m sure gonna try. He’s never worn one, so just like wearing a belt, I’m guessing he won’t go down without a fight. We’re gonna have to “practice” wearing it ahead of time to get him used to it. How perfect is Mdub’s shirt to tie us all together? 

Since Easter is so early this year, let’s pray we don’t have a random visit from winter and end up having to hunt eggs in the snow. It’s happened before! 

As I was trolling Pinterest this week, I came across this, and for some reason thought it was hilarious. Mine is Dainty Thumper Feet and Mdub’s is Mighty Bunny Hop – both very fitting.  What is your name??bac84b096b0c2dced20969ba33892ec1

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2 Comments on “Easter Outfits

  1. Oh the memories of Grandmother and her pencil and pad sketching designs in the dressing room. She did the same thing for back-to-school shopping every year! The pink and blue combo is going to be great for Easter! And Dainty Wiggle Nose??? is my Easter name!!!


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