Five on Friday – Friday Favorites

FriYay-FriYay – Hallelujah! I haven’t blogged all week, and I really have no excuse. We haven’t had that much going on, yet for some reason I chose sleep over staying up late each night to blog.  I’m linking up again this week for Five on Friday and Friday Favorites. Get excited…straight up, ordinary mom life this week!

Of course my favorite thing to do each week is Target. I’m pretty sure the look on their faces sums up how they feel. They’re probably thinking, not again, Mom! Suck it up kids – this place is fun!

IMG_0589 (1)

We found a new favorite hangout this week. The weather has been awful, and PB has been on “Spring Break,” so by Thursday we were getting some big time cabin fever. Thankfully Grumbles to the rescue, and we met up with Thompson at a local Rec center. They have a “fun zone” for kids under 5. It was like a giant Chick-Fil-A playground. We will be visiting this place weekly!

Because we are only two short weeks away from Easter, we pulled all four of our Easter books out this week! I don’t know about you, but I really try to put up seasonal books, so we don’t wear them out. Then, for each “holiday” we have “new” books. Not that either of my kids are old enough yet to know what’s happening, but hopefully I can keep this up for years to come. This is also a little reminder to keep adding to our collection. Our current favorite is “The Littlest Bunny in Texas.”

One of PB’s favorite things to do is wait for the mailman. And when I say wait, I mean wait all day! (My neighbors will think this is funny) We have the nicest mailman, but he is in NO hurry. PB thinks it’s so fun to run down the sidewalk and “carefully” bring it all back to me. 


Since the weather has been so yucky, we’ve been playing inside A LOT. PB has been coloring…..on EVERYTHING with these fun crayons!  #rememberonlyonpaperPLEASE   By 4:00, I’ve pulled out all my tricks, so we walk down to our neighbors and play with their toys.
IMG_0635 (1)

And because 1-5 were just SOO exciting, I’ll share another. Who else watched Peyton retire on Monday? I’m glad we were home to watch!IMG_0595

Happy, Happy Friday, Friends! Remember, if you want to keep up with this oh so exciting life, follow me on IG and Facebook. Then, if you enter your email on the upper right hand side, you’ll get each blog post sent to your inbox. 


5 Comments on “Five on Friday – Friday Favorites

  1. You have the most adorable kids!! So sweet! I love the mailman story. I bet that makes his day. And Annabell sitting at that piano…get her started ASAP. LOL. Is that balloons or giant eggs in your fireplace? Such a cute idea!


    • Thank you!!!! Haha-those balloons are left over from ABs birthday party! Just haven’t trashed them yet.


  2. PB is so cute waiting for the mailman! And love the picture of him coloring! Have a great weekend!!


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