Weekend Wrap Up

We had the BEST weekend. I love when nothing is on the agenda, and we can just go with the flow. For the first time in a long, long time, we didn’t have a single thing planned. That quickly changed as we had a full weekend, but nothing was a HAVE TO, it was all because we WANTED TO. Get ready for picture overload. 

The kids and I kicked off the weekend by heading to NorthPark on Friday afternoon to meet up with Miss Mila and her mommy. We decided to try our luck at getting pictures with the live bunnies, and despite the hour and a half wait, the pics turned out really cute. I’ll scan it and upload it later in the week.

It’s not a Northpark visit without seeing the turtles. All the kids love this area, and it’s a great spot to wear them out. I love that these fancy stores are so close and that AB thinks she can just walk right in! They had the best time before we all met up with the dads for dinner. On our way out – PB needed to pose in front of the large “men at work” statues. I doubt that’s their real name, but it sounds good. 


On Saturday, all the guys went to the Mavs game while all the girls went to the “Flea Style.”  Such a fun afternoon shopping with three little girls all a year old. #yearight        But they did cooperate for some cute pics!


We finished up the day ordering mexican food and painting Easter eggs in the backyard. Something my kids will probably only get to do at Aunt Lu’s house! #toomessy #smallpanicattack


Our Sunday was super lazy- something we aren’t used to, but something we need to do every now and then. Well rested and ready to take on the week. Bring it on Monday!


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