Pictures with the Easter Bunny!

Last Friday, we braved the lines and went to see the Easter bunnies at NorthPark. This was our first experience, and I’m not going to lie, I thought it might be another version of our Santa Pic. PB absolutely loved them and was mad when our time was up. AB – not so much. Out of 15 photos the man took, this was the best she gave us. Homegirl was NOT impressed. So, over an hour wait and an expensive picture later – we might have a new Easter tradition. You know how MDub loves some traditions!  

Either way, we are taking full advantage of each holiday that comes our way and doing it big. We have three egg hunts planned, and we’ve already been “practicing” in the living room. PB has to warm up to every situation he’s put into,  so we practice things a lot!

Happy early Easter!!

Sorry the pic is not straight – it’s late!Easter Bunny


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