Five on Friday – Friday Favorites!

It’s Friday – so other than a couple of posts here and there, this is the main reason, I guess, I’m blogging now. I’m linking up again for Five on Friday and Friday Favorites. 

Not sure if we are the only ones, but this time change has kicked our booties this week. AB is taking it like a champ, but the rest of us are dragging. Bring on the weekend!

The number one reason we are dragging this week – PB’s new “big boy” bed. We I decided it was time to take the front rail off his bed. I knew it would be an adjustment, and with the time change, we probably should not have done it this week. Oh well – one great night out of four! He loves it during the day, but hates it at night. Hence Mdub “sleeping” with him. 

Since the weather was more like summer this week than spring, we met Thompson after school for a little ice cream. For some reason AB thinks it tastes better NOT using her hands! These three kiddos are some of my favorite! 
IMG_6519 (1)IMG_6515 (1)
Here’s a little sneak peek into baby Wade’s nursery that I finished up Wednesday night. We can’t wait to meet you, Baby Wade, but please stay in a little longer!  Your momma needs more time!! So many favorites in this little snapshot. The prints, the fur coming out of the basket, and THAT table is my absolute big time FAV. 

I shared this on Wednesday, but here are my two favorites at the mall last week with the bunnies. Yes, I know it’s not straight – it’s my scanner’s fault!!
Easter Bunny

Well, we yelled loud, but it apparently wasn’t loud enough yesterday. Texas Tech made its first post season appearance in quite a while, but it didn’t last long. I told PB to get his guns up, and this was his reaction – we have some work to do!IMG_0899

Happy Friday, Friends. We have a busy weekend of Easter Egg hunts, baby showers, and St. Patty’s Day brunches. Remember – follow this crazy life on IG and Facebook!


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