Easter Egg Hunt – Friend Style!

On Saturday, we had our first ever Friend Egg Hunt. This group has kids the exact same ages, so it makes hanging out super easy  fun. Get ready for picture overload.

 I tried to get the kids to take a few pictures before we left our house, but they thought differently. I feel like I’m always making excuses on this blog for my kids not smiling. I think I just need to accept the fact that they just don’t smile on command. Point blank, no matter what is going on, they just don’t smile when I ask them to. One day!


The struggle is real when trying to get a picture of 9 kids. (Satto kids – where are you?). The sun was in their eyes, PB & T were NOT having it, and Lui is very concerned with her juice. 

Time to hunt! PB found his first egg, and AB found a football – classic. I wasn’t expecting much from her this year anyway. Next year will be prime for both! Why does prepping for a hunt take 5 times as long as the actual hunting of the eggs?  


These two are three months apart and have a special bond. We love you T!

Um -hey kids, we’re trying to take a family pic to document this fun afternoon!IMG_1035IMG_1070

Such fun mommas – and Aunt Caroline…..who is the BEST with all our kids. While the rest of us were eating and talking, Caroline is in the backyard playing games and entertaining. She’s the best!IMG_1062


Oh – that’s where all the dads are. There must have been a basketball game on or something. IMG_6682

Best little egg hunt ever, and I hope this was the start of a great tradition. Love this little group! 


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