Easter 2016 in the books!

We’ve Eastered Hard…if that is even a thing. Holidays with kids are just so much more fun and drawn out. In the pre-kids era, Easter was literally one day. Now, it’s a two week event with egg hunts and dying sessions. We hunted eggs last weekend with friends and made Easter treats and delivered to our friends’ porches on Thursday. We had the most fun “bearsbunnybash” on Good Friday and then finished up the weekend with egg dying, church, and more hunting. Get ready for picture overload, but I need to document!

Bear’s Bunny Bash was complete with live bunnies, the “real” Easter bunny, and egg hunting. PB in large group settings is very timid and shy. Crazy lady – never met a stranger and not afraid of anything…..except the Easter Bunny. She was not a fan and wanted nothing to do with him. In the last picture, it’s hard to see, but she has a sucker in each hand. Homegirl likes her some candy….wrapper and all!


On Saturday, we enjoyed dying eggs outside and then taking a dip afterwards to clean up. Only in Texas can you get in the pool one day and wear a jacket to church the next. 


On Sunday, we tried to get a few pictures after church and this is the best we got. #mykidsdon’tsmile
More hunting and a TON of chocolate later – Easter 2016 is in the books. Oh, and no “Up from the grave he arose” at our church this year. PB and I listened on YouTube several times yesterday to get our fix!
What is the next holiday we can prep for and celebrate for a solid two weeks??

IMG_1303IMG_1301-1IMG_1316 (1)


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