Five on Friday – Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, Friends. I’m linking up once again for Five on Friday and Friday Favorites.  Another post filled with your weekly dose of randomness!  #storyofmylife


Last Saturday, we joined every other family in DFW and went to ride Thomas the Train. I need to do an entire post on our outing, but until that happens, here are a couple of my favorite pics. PB LOVED every minute of the day, but AB was not having it. This pic was taken right before we left, and to say she had had enough, would be an understatement. I’m pretty sure PB is super embarrassed by her – the first of many I’m sure!




If you missed my post yesterday, check it out here. Week two is under way of the One Room Challenge and we are coming right along. Check out the post to see what the room will look like if baby Mourton is a he or a she!

 I’ve always been very thankful that PB has never been attached to anything. No blankets or stuffed animals we have to keep up with.  Well, not the case with crazy lady. For about two or three months now, AB has been obsessed with anything fuzzy and soft. We have to have her pink blanket, this chick and approximately 99 other stuffed animals for bedtime. I’m almost positive the American Academy of Pediatrics would NOT approve of her sleeping situation. #whateverworks   This cream colored little chick was a little discolored from goldfish, dirt, and spilled milk. Well, a favorite of mine this week was how it looked after I washed it. I was crossing my fingers she wouldn’t come out missing a leg or missing any feathers. Good to know – you can put stuffed animals in the washing machine! 

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 10.10.39 PM

PB & AB have been in Rotan since Tuesday (insert happy dance.) My mom graciously met me Tuesday night to pick them up so that I could get some big time work done.  I think DeeDee has been playing beauty shop – how funny is this pic?  I’m not so sure about that part down the middle, but those piggies are adorable! 

IMG_6699 (1)

This is your weekly decor PSA. I’ve been using these curtains for as long as I can remember in rooms that I work on. Sure, they aren’t custom or from Restoration Hardware, but they run a close race. Ikea never seems to disappoint, and when you are looking for a budget friendly drape, this is your go to! These velvet drapes are great for nurseries and kids’ rooms because of the thick blackout-like fabric. 
Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 10.33.06 PM

And because I’ve been a slacker blogging our daily lives, here are a few more pics from our week. Just a normal breakfast conversation and a weekly trip to Target! More proof that PB does smile!  

Here’s to a rainy weekend of being cooped up in the house with two toddlers……..Happy Weekend!!!  




4 Comments on “Five on Friday – Friday Favorites

  1. Pigtails, playgrounds, and tee ball… times in Rotan!!
    Baby Mourton is going to be surrounded with love AND the perfect nursery. Love the plan…boy or girl!

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