Thomas the Train

A couple of weekends ago, we loaded up and headed to Grapevine to ride Thomas the Train. PB, like any other 2 year old, is obsessed with trains. So when I saw it advertise on TV, I knew we had to go. Great morning outing for our little fam.

There were all sorts of stations set up including the main Thomas ride. We played with tracks, rode small Thomas trains, ate snow cones, and had a few melts downs!  We might have stayed a little too long for Miss Crazy, but all in all, everyone had a blast. 

First up – the the actual train ride. PB was too interested in everyone else to look at the camera. Both kids watched out the train the entire ride – it was a beautiful sight of country side….aka, warehouses and a lot of fences!  



Since the photographer wanted $40 PER picture – I illegally downloaded all our picture perfect photos here!

Definitely something we can check off our “bucket” list! 


2 Comments on “Thomas the Train

  1. Geez!!! $40 PER picture???? He knows when to take complete advantage. Wow.
    Bless her heart… AB was really done by then. Brings back memories! 🙂


  2. What fun!!!! Looks like PB had a great time! Oh AB . . . . . . she’s having fun on the train and riding the little Thomas!

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