A Day in the Life……

I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile now just to remember this crazy season of life we are in. Actually remembering to take pictures of your day is harder than it seems. Thanks to a good ole link up party, I finally made myself do it. Yesterday was the perfect day as it was a completely normal day for us. No school on Mondays = chaos everywhere! 
Warning – extreme picture overload. Oh, and I didn’t have a single meeting yesterday, and no where to be, so that means No Makeup Monday!


Most mornings I wake up at 5:03, yep, that’s right – Mdub and I both refuse to wake up to even, normal times. I lay in bed and watch the news while Mdub gets ready to go work out. I’m currently reading Comparison Trap, and it’s just what I need. If you’re looking for an easy, short devotional, pick it up. I then opened my email to find that 87,341 scholarships came in over night. It’s scholarship season at work, and kids these days like to apply late at night. Therefore, I wake up to a plethora of emails!

IMG_1775IMG_1777 (1)IMG_1785IMG_1779

I then make my way to the kitchen for coffee. (ok, more like the sweetest cappuccino you’ve ever had) While it was cooling, I went to the garage to put a coat of paint on a Yard Party order! It’s now 5:30 am, and I’m sitting down to work.  I worked dividing up scholarship applications and answering emails for the next two hours. It’s trash day, so as soon as Mdub got home from working out, he took all the trash out…his main job at home! I started breakfast and waited for PB & AB to wake up. 

IMG_1780 (1)IMG_1781IMG_1784 (1)IMG_1790IMG_1787 (1)

It’s now 7:45 and both kids are awake….which is sleeping in for them. They are both usually up by 7:00. We all sit down for breakfast and eat super fast before Mdub has to walk out the door. After he leaves, I answer a few more emails and work while both kids sit quietly and finish eating. More like destruct my kitchen. If both are occupied and not hurting themselves, I’m usually ok with it, so I can get a couple more things finished. 
IMG_1792IMG_1794 (1)IMG_1796IMG_1799IMG_1802

By 8:30 am, I’ve lasted as long as I can with the gross diapers – time to get dressed for the day! We argued a little over each other’s stuffed animals and then head to the playroom to play. PB and AB entertain themselves for a little while, and I’m able to get a little bit more work done. Are you sensing a theme here? I work in tiny increments, in between feeding, diapers and lots of crying! 
IMG_1805IMG_1810 (1)IMG_1818 (1)IMG_1822 (1)IMG_1824

At 10:00 we went outside to blow some bubbles and then in for a snack. While the kids were eating, I folded a load of laundry and hid in the laundry room while they both were screaming “momma.” #noshame

IMG_1836IMG_1839 (1)IMG_1842

Well, that lasted a whole ten minutes, so it’s now 10:30 am. PB is yelling at the front door,  “walk, walk.” So I loaded both kids up in the single stroller, ghetto I know, and went around the block. They started out so sweet, and then by the end, things were getting a little more rowdy. 
IMG_1845 (1)

I didn’t take pictures, but we headed home so that AB could take a nap. PB played and entertained himself with the iPad while I worked for a good hour. 

LUNCH TIME! Whew, we’ve made it half way through the day and only a few meltdowns. As we were eating, we could hear the trash truck outside, so we had to do our weekly wave to the trashman. Every single week, AB freaks out over the noise…pitiful. 

IMG_1856 (1)IMG_1857 (1)IMG_1858 (2)

Another round of diaper changes. AB is more than helpful with the wipes and a meltdown by PB. Apparently I rolled the basketball instead of throwing it. AB and I are wondering why it’s such a big deal!IMG_1861IMG_1863 (1)IMG_1864 (1)IMG_1865 (1)

By now, they are both begging me for a nap. Except PB keeps saying, “home, home.” Which doesn’t mean “home” at all; it means he wants to go in the car. We have no clue why he has this confused, but he loves being in the car. Totally my fault. So, I loaded them both up in the car and drove around the neighborhood until they fell asleep. Then, I pulled back into my garage and worked from my front seat. Yes, I always leave the garage door open and the car running! Don’t write me any hate mail. I know sleeping in the car isn’t the same sleep as your crib, but it works for us all!IMG_1866 (1)IMG_1851 (1)

It’s now 4:00 pm, and everyone’s up from naps! Time for our daily outing to play with the neighbors. We love us some Emmeline and Bradley! Don’t tell MDub, but we had ice cream at 4:30 pm!!! IMG_1871 (1)IMG_1876 (2)

Now the dreaded last hour and a half before MDub gets home. It seriously feels like 4 hours for me. The time drags, and the kids are flat done for the day. While I cook dinner, we play in the sink, lay on the floor, cry on the floor, and crawl all over our high chairs. I finally get smart and strap them both in for some yogurt. Oh yay – you finished your yogurt in less than a minute, and now you’re screaming to get down! 

IMG_1879 (1)IMG_1880 (1)IMG_1881 (2)IMG_1882 (1)IMG_1883IMG_1885 (1)

I emptied the dishwasher while they were occupied and turned around to find this. . . . an entire sack of mini corndogs in the bottom oven. They were still cold, so I’m assuming this  happened in the last 15 minutes. Yes, I know the bottom oven is really gross!
IMG_1888 (2)IMG_1887 (1)

Dinner was ready and still no Mdub, so we headed back to the playroom. Except there was no playing for me. By this time, I’m laying on the floor praying MDub will walk through the door any second.
IMG_1896 (1)Woohoo – 6:30 and he’s home! We’ve been waiting on you, Dad! We eat dinner and clean up the kitchen. Mdub has bath and bedtime tonight because I left at 7:15 for a Yard Party delivery. IMG_1900 (2)IMG_1902 (2)

JV and I taking a selfie with our Yard Party….no makeup for me and PJs for her – keeping it classy!IMG_1906

The actual delivery didn’t take all that long, but after dropping JV back off at her house, I got stuck in downtown for 45 minutes. #citylife I finally walked back into the house at 9:30pm. Shower, some cheerios, and some bad TV all while doing this blog post. Is anyone else watching Housewives of Dallas? It’s quite possibly the worst show I’ve ever seen. It’s like a train wreck, I just keep watching.  This is usually the time at night I work on this blog or design stuff. IMG_1907IMG_1908

Ok I’m tired. It’s 11:10 and I’m shutting everything off. I’m so glad I finally remembered to record one of our every day lives. 


11 Comments on “A Day in the Life……

  1. Omg I laughed through this whole blog your kids are super busy and cute. I had to read to my boyfriend some of the blog so he didn’t think I was going crazy. I love reading your blogs it’s my me time in a way. I read when it’s just me if I can.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Me, too, Katrina! So cute and funny! All I can say from an OLD mom….enjoy it while you can. They grow up WAY too fast. Have you heard the country song “You’re Gonna Miss This”?
    You really will.


  3. I LOVED reading your day in the life blog today! Smiled, laughed and remembered those hard, exhausting days! 🙂 You are doing a great job, mom!!


  4. Wow! You’re such an inspiration! I’m worn out just reading, but you are such a good mom! There’s no way I could work at home—ugh, not with two kids at home!


  5. Loved this & I know you will love it down the road when they’re either out with friends or you’re really empty-nesting. (coming MUCH too soon!) Keep up the great work, Super Mom!


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