Friday Favorites – Five on Friday

It’s Friday,  and normally I would be excited, but I’m secretly sad because it’s also the last day of “school” for my kids. Didn’t that go by really fast? Wasn’t it just August? What are we going to do for the next three weeks before they start summer school?  I know all my teacher friends – JV – are shaking their heads right now, but this working mama just blinked and nine months flew by. 

Just like every Friday, except last week because I was lazy, I’m linking up for Five on Friday and Friday Favorites. 

Because lately, I’ve been feeling big time mom guilt, this blog post hit right at home. No matter if you’re a stay at home mom, part time working mom, or a full time working mom, we all feel it. I came across the post on Facebook, and it’s big time on point. Did I leave work too early, did I stay too long? Is my house clean enough? Did my kids eat too many fruit snacks today?  Wait, did my kids have anything other than fruit snacks today? Ugh – the guilt is real, but this post says one thing that was my absolute favorite. “It’s the stage where your kids love you more than they are EVER going to love you again, for the whole rest of your life.” Umm – just a little sad!  How funny is this bingo card? And since I had just read the post, when PB reached over this week and wanted to hold my hand and watch the iPad for just a little longer, of course,  I said, “Yes!”


IMG_2747 (1)

Speaking of mom guilt, I’m missing the end of year party today at school because of work…and yes, I’m the room mom in charge, and it’s my second party of the year to miss. #momfail #whydidItakeonthejob?  So, since I won’t be there, I’m sending gifts. Nothing crazy or even that cool, but what kid doesn’t love sidewalk chalk?


Pity party over – on to some fun things. As I was washing AB’s hair this week, I couldn’t believe how long it’s gotten. When it’s dry, the curls shrink it up. Um, why does she look so grown up here? 


Because we can’t really go more than a week or two without a pineapple post, look what I found. Dollar bin at Target scores again! AB will be sporting some sweet sunnies next week at the beach! Actually, she probably could care less, and my dreams of adorable pictures on the beach with PB in his pineapple swim trunks and her wearing these sunglasses will never even happen. #thesearethetimes! 


Probably my number one most favorite thing of the week – Project Nursery naming Griffin’s nursery as one of the May finalist. Readers will vote for the next couple of days on their favorite, and then a winner will be announced. I would LOVE your vote – click HERE and vote for the Black and White Modern Baby Boy Nursery


Happy Happy Friday Friends!!!



One Comment on “Friday Favorites – Five on Friday

  1. Those pineapple sunglasses are so cute. Can’t wait to see Price all decked out. And your chalk gift -LOVE IT! What a perfect summer treat!!


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