Memorial Day Weekend 2016

Are you ready for picture overload? I’ll be making up for the fact that I didn’t blog a single time last week. Sickness, work, and trying to pack to get out the door for five days did me in. 

Last Thursday, we headed out for five relaxing days in South Padre with all our friends. This makes the third year in a row we’ve all gone, and it’s been fun to see these kiddos grow. Eight adults and eight kids, five and under, makes for some awesome memories.
I’m apologizing right now for the massive amount of pics, but I need to document! 

Somehow each family managed to book different flights. The Walthers might have made the worst flight decision of all, departing at 7 am…with two toddlers. That meant we had to leave our house at 5 am. All in all, it wasn’t actually that bad, and the kids did better than we expected. PB LOOOVES airplanes right now, so he was pretty pumped. 

After grocery shopping and making a couple of stops, we were first on the beach. Well, Mdbub and the kids were. I begged for a nap since I had been sick, went to bed at 1:00 am, and gotten up at 4:00 am that morning. Thank you Mdub! Look at the pic of AB and PB digging. She stayed like this all weekend. For some reason, she loved having her head in the sand. So strange, but we would look over and just watch her for minutes at a time with her head just laying on the sand. #crazylady

Four awesome days of digging and playing in the sand with friends. 


OK – look at what one year does. Holy cow, where did those babies go?

We love these people and love that our kids are all so close in age. It makes traveling, hanging out, and raising kids together that much more fun. To think friendships started more than 30 years ago, and now we are raising our kids together is just awesome….and crazy all at the same time!


We left almost as early Monday morning as we did on Thursday. The kids did great with a little bribing and movie watching. We love our little Memorial Day tradition with “Book Club Family Trip.” 


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