Five on Friday – Friday Favorites

Why do four day weeks sometimes seem even longer than a normal week? I missed last Friday because we were on vacation a trip but I’m back at it today! 

Back today for Five on Friday and Friday Favorites!

Remember me posting about this adorable bag a couple of weeks ago? Well, I’m here to report it was fantastic on our vacation trip. I filled it to the brim and used it as my carry-on for the plane. Snacks, headphones, coloring books, and stuffed animals all fit nicely and were easy to access. It even fit perfectly underneath the seat without having to be smashed. A definite must if you are traveling this summer or need a cute beach bag. 


Speaking of our vacation trip, did you see all our pictures? It was anything but calm and relaxing, but we had a blast. Check them out HERE. We love these people! 

I also blogged about these babiators a couple of weeks ago. Remember how cute they were and that they’re guaranteed not to break? Well, they are super cute and didn’t break, but my kids wanted nothing to do with them. I got this one pic before they were thrown on the ground and never picked up again. Total waste. I’ve kept them out since we’ve been home hoping they would pick them up and want to put them on, but no such luck. Save your $20!


Ready for your random topic of the day? Back in February, I ordered this stuff for AB’s birthday party, and it was so cute. Since then, I haven’t thought about it until this week. I was at church helping decorate the doors for VBS, and one of the girls pulled some out of her purse. OMG, it is a way to instantly decorate ANYTHING. She said she keeps it on hand for all the crazy hat days and neighborhood parades she has to decorate for. An inexpensive way to make anything festive. Doesn’t this make you want to eat some chocolate chip cookies just a little more??


Speaking of decorating for parties this might be my favorite of the week. One of my sorority sisters in college is the most creative person I know. She has THE BEST handwriting of anyone and is always coming up with an awesome theme for every occasion. She even themes her bachelorette watching parties. I’ve been telling her forever she needs to go into business. Finally, Finally, she’s started a blog and is showing all her cute ideas. Click HERE to follow along with her blog and HERE for Instagram. When a homepage consists of hot pink and pineapples – you know its gonna be good!

Happy Friday everyone!
Hallelujah to Summer….which for us only means less traffic because everyone is on vacation! 




2 Comments on “Five on Friday – Friday Favorites

  1. I love that festooning, so fun!!! It looks like y’all had a fun vacation, er, trip 😉 Thanks for the shoutout! Wish we lived closer so we could plan all our parties together!

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