Five on Friday – Friday Favorites!

It’s Friday and once again, I’m linking up for Five on Friday and Friday Favorites. I love this little Friday link up party because they keep me accountable to this blog.


Our favorite little girl will turn 16 months old tomorrow. Not that big of a month to most, but this is the exact same age PB was when AB was born. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately because I have NO clue how we brought a newborn home to meet a 16 month old. People do it all the time, kids are born even closer together, but holy cow I can NOT imagine adding  a newborn to the mix right now.  I really don’t think they look anything alike in these pics! And, I promise we cut his hair shortly after this picture was taken!

PB has been with all the Mullins cousins this week for Camp 3D. My mom and dad take all the grandkids, ages 2 and up, for five days of swimming, crafts, and waterpark fun. They have a blast! Since we don’t all live in the same town, I’m so glad my kids will have this week to look forward to each summer. We’ve missed PB big time, but I heard he’s not ready to come home!

While PB’s been away, we’ve had A LOT of picnics in the car. It’s much easier to run errands with one than two, so we took full advantage. Poor girl might have been in the car more this week than she was at home. I’m pretty sure she loved the alone time. There’s been way less meltdowns, and she’s been so sweet. Maybe PB can stay gone a little longer?? 


One of my FAV friends had a baby two weeks ago, and I finally got to meet Mr. Hayes. He’s SOO tiny – you really do forget how small they are. He’s adorable, and it was so nice to finally get to hold him. 


……….and i’m sure you are wondering, but I stuck to the 10 minute rule. I dropped off food, washed my hands, held that cute little boy, and then made a quick exit. If you haven’t read this post, make sure you check it out before heading out to see a new baby. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 2.27.03 PM

SIX: (I know, but I had to)
If you missed my phone dump Monday – CLICK HERE. The main reason I started this blog was to have a place for my pictures and remember our every day lives. 

Happy Fri-yay Friends. I hope your summer is off to a great start!

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