five on friday, Friday Favorites

Five on Friday – Friday Favorites

It’s Friday, so you know what that means. The one time a week I actually blog!  However this week, this makes #2 – woohoo! I’m linking up again for Five on Friday and Friday Favorites.

Y’all – this candle is Ahhhh-mazing. A couple of weeks ago, I helped host a baby shower at a friend’s house. When I walked in, the smell was noticeable, and it stayed that way the entire morning. Even with a packed house full of people, everyone kept mentioning how great it smelled. Well, since my good friend, Paige, told me a couple of months ago that my house stinks, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect candle. One that just smells fresh and clean and not like food. Mdub gets mad when he comes home, and it smells like cookies, and there’s no cookies!  Well, I think I may have found it. I texted the host after the shower, ordered on Amazon, and have been enjoying a house that smells like a flower shop ever since. And yes, Paige flat out told me my house stunk, what are best friends for, right?


Speaking of Amazon, has anyone used Amazon Prime-Now? If you haven’t, jump on the band wagon NOW. I swear a mom with little kids had to have taken this idea to the CEO of Amazon. You simply order online, and it’s at your house within two hours. So when we are out of diapers or milk, I hit the button, and it’s delivered on my doorstep. One day last week we were out of the necessities, you know, fruit snacks and white Cheetos! I submitted an order, and it was delivered while I was at work and the kids were home with a sitter. Killing multiple birds with one stone!amazon-prime-now

If you missed my Tuesday post, you missed an adorable nursery. I can’t take full credit as I didn’t put it all together, but I did help come up with the idea. My SIL took the plan and ran with it, and now sweet baby Knox has the most adorable “antler chic” nursery….that’s my made up name for it! 


Sippy Cups – something we use approximately 25 a day and can never have too many. I was with a couple of moms last weekend and talking about this blog, different posts, etc. One of them said she really wished I would do a post on my favorite sippy cups. Done and done! I searched forever and these Gerber Nuk cups are the ones that have worked best for us. Both of my kids are rough on sippies. Like, throw them as hard as they possibly can on the ground after every drink. They don’t leak, and that’s basically the number one deciding factor for me. Since finding these, I’ve branched out and tried a couple of others that look a lot cooler or more hip, but keep coming back to these every time. We don’t leave home without them, and on a daily basis, you can probably find 4-6 of them in my car at one time. Oh the smell of old milk! #onedayIwillmissthis. #doubtit


And since Sunday is Father’s Day – Happy Happy Father’s Day to the two most amazing dads in the world. Donny & Mdub couldn’t be more different, yet they both have the best thing in common – being great dads!

Happy Friday Friends!

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  1. Probably my all time favorite picture of you waving to Dad in the tractor!!! Happy Father’s Day to MDub!!! Have a great weekend! Oh & I just ordered the candle!!! I’m always on the lookout for good candles!!!

  2. And your kids come by it naturally to be attached to their sippy cups. Notice you are holding a sippy in that picture!!!!

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