Our Weekend – Father’s Day 2016

We had the best weekend! Absolutely no plans other than a little splash park and pool fun. Y’all, it’s HOT. Is it worse this year, or am I just getting older and can’t deal? Either way, you will find us in the water for the next three months, if you’re looking!

On Friday, we met Mdub after work so that he and PB could both get hair cuts. Suckers are always a must….three or four suckers at that.  A couple of errands in matching clothes is as much fun as feeding the Old Navy dog.  I pray they don’t notice they’re matching for a long, long time – like 10 years from now! 


Saturday might have been the first day in forever that we didn’t have a single thing to do. No birthday parties, no work events…nothing. So, some early morning soccer watching (without a diaper on), mowing the grass, and then finding a splash park were on the agenda. As much fun as it was, it didn’t cut it – we needed a pool! 


Sunday we TRIED taking a couple of pictures before church…..in the parking garage. They crack me up because they really do have the same gestures.  After church we celebrated Father’s Day….in the pool at Mdub’s parent’s house, and then headed to another pool with friends.  Goggles and corn on the cob might have been some favorites of the weekend. 

IMG_3613 (1)

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We rarely have a weekend when we can just go with the flow and do whatever we want. After this weekend, I never want to schedule another thing for us….ever. It was so nice to just take it easy. Happy Father’s Day, Mdub – you’re one amazing dad!
(and, of course, we FaceTimed with Donny to wish him a Happy Father’s Day, too!)

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