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Framily Vacation…..Round 2

It’s no secret we love going on vacation trips with our friends and their kids. This past weekend was round two for the summer. Some of the same friends as the Padre Trip, but this was Marcus’ high school friends that he still talks to every day. Twelve adults and 10 kids this time, and we all had a blast. The kids range in ages from eight years to nine months old, and even though that’s a big gap, they all love playing with each other. The older kids take care of the younger, and the younger love trying to keep up with the oldest. Swimming, naps, food, and then repeat for the entire weekend. It was hot, hot unless we were in the water – hence AB sweating to death in real clothes headed to dinner Saturday night. Both kids love the water, and as expected, AB has zero fear. 

Picture overload as I document our summer! Oh, and why do life jackets have to be so miserable for kids? I so remember that feeling of being uncomfortable like it was yesterday. I remember not being able to wait until the age I didn’t have to wear one in the boat. #safetyfirst
S.M. (my granddad) would be proud that we still enjoy the lake, yet a little concerned that puddle jumpers are coast guard approved!



These three pictures crack me up. Boys not doing what they’re supposed to be doing, PB running cuz he’s scared, and then both doing the walk of shame back to the house. I see this happening a lot in the next several years! #PartnersInCrime #TheyGetItFromTheirDads


Such a fun weekend that we look forward to every year. Thanks Fitz’s!

3 thoughts on “Framily Vacation…..Round 2”

  1. Looks like SO much fun. The photo of you and AB is precious!! That’s definitely a keeper and should be framed!

  2. My favorite picture is the one of the kids eating corn dogs! Just so cute!!! I’m so glad your family is making more lake memories! Yes, Granddad would be proud!

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