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Friday blog post……Summer Style!

I blogged on Monday about our Framily vacation trip to the lake last weekend. Check it out if you missed it. So much fun with 10 littles and 7 high school best friends!!!


When we got home from the lake last weekend, MDub went to the store to get wasp spray and came home with a plethora of toys. Never send men to the store! However, we’ve been loving our pool he purchased. Some of our friends have the same one, and it’s the perfect size for toddlers…..and their parents. When it feels like a 110 outside, you end up putting things in your backyard you swore you’d never do!  A little action shot of PB coming off the slide!


These towels are our absolute favorite. My mom got them for the kids, and they are just the right size……..and on sale right now. Nothing worse than a giant beach towel on a tiny toddler. Public service announcement – those are not our goggles, but he found them at the pool and must wear them each day for swim lessons.


Ok, let me begin by saying I am NOT a product person. I’m not up on the latest greatest, I hate spending money on hair and face products, and I don’t take care of my hair or skin like I should. But, my mom put this  in my stocking last year, I think, could have been two years ago, and I recently found it in a drawer. I’ve been using it on my hair for about a month, and I’m obsessed. In the summer, I take a shower at night and let my hair air dry. No way am I using a blow dryer in this heat. So, my hair can sometimes feel coarse and hard to brush through. After using this the first time, my hair is much softer and feels healthier. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 5.45.38 AM

Flash back 4th of July’s! The first picture was two years ago, and I was already preggo with AB. I was sucking in big time in those shorts and so afraid someone was going to notice. Apparently PB’s scared picture taking face was in full force his first and second July 4th!

……….And since this weekend is the Fourth, we hope to be doing a lot of this. Eating homemade ice cream outside with all our friends and family. We got a head start earlier this week with our sweet neighbors. The kids were more interested in the ice cream than looking at me for a pic.
Happy July 4th!
IMG_4040-1 (1)

I’m linking up again for Five on Friday and Friday Favorites! 


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