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Family Fun on the Fourth!

Y’all we had the best Fourth!!  Super hot, but super fun! Every year, for the most part, we head to Rotan for the 4th. In earlier years, MDub played in the annual softball tournament, but then he got old, and now it’s not worth all the soreness for the next week. So, he played golf for two days and had a mini heat stroke instead.

PB loved the fireworks we set off ourselves, so we just knew Monday night would blow his mind. Not a chance!  Both kids couldn’t have cared less. We looked up at one point, and they were in the house playing during the fireworks show. Oh well, better luck next year!


Patiently waiting for the fireworks to start!


These next two pictures are so fuzzy, and the quality is awful. But, I had to share. My dad was trying to entertain AB when she went in to kiss him. Touching heads is kissing to her…..let’s keep it that way sister!  IMG_4286

……and I promise my Papaw does NOT look this old in person, but PB needed a hug after the fireworks. Papaw may not even know PB’s name (just because he has so many great-grandkids), but he certainly knows he’s the one from Dallas!  
IMG_4290Two nights of sparklers, amazing food, and cousin time made for a great weekend. We’re already missing “ayes” and “yay yay.”

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