Five on Friday – Friday Favorites

I know, I know – shocking I’m actually posting on a Friday. This summer has been busy and some things just had to be put on the back burner………this blog being one of them.
Even though summer has been a blast, I got a tease this week of some much cooler temps, and now I can’t wait for fall.

If you missed my post yesterday on the transformation of the Kappa Delta house at Washington State University – click HERE. I had so much fun in Pullman, WA getting to decorate and learn all about the KD’s of WSU.

Speaking of sororities and WSU…the whole “living in the house” thing is so foreign to me. At Texas Tech, sororities and fraternities aren’t allowed to live in their houses. They are solely for meeting purposes only. I know that’s not the norm; however, I was still shocked and so intrigued at how these women all live together at WSU. Julie and I stayed at the house before all the women moved back in, so it was a little creepy, but how cool (maybe?) that 52 women ALL sleep in one giant room together. They call it the sleeping porch. This was my view Monday morning when I woke up. A room of 27 bunkbeds – can you even imagine? IMG_5029

Probably my absolute favorite of the week was escaping the heat for a few days. I was actually cold in jeans! I can NOT wait for cooler days, although I’m pretty sure we have at least another three months before we will see 55 in Texas.

Spending a couple of nights in the KD house earlier in the week, brought back memories of the famous “Kappa Delta smell.” Long story short, but during rush recruitment, Summer Sorbet potpourri would be all throughout the house and then we would fog the entry way with it right before we opened the doors. The smell was incredible and reminds me of such a fun time. So much so, that I’ve order some spray for my house!  I’ll spray it all next week and pretend I’m doing skits and singing songs instead of claiming to be a grownup. 

These two always have way more fun with DeeDee than with Mom and Dad. Randomly, Mdub was in Portland for work at the same time I was in Washington. We were only about 4 hours away from each other, and none of it was planned at all. DeeDee to the rescue. Juggling jobs and kids is no joke! A favorite was getting play by plays of their day!



As always, linking up with these two blogs for Five on Friday and Friday Favorites. 


2 Comments on “Five on Friday – Friday Favorites

  1. Summer sorbet! 😂😂😂. I hadn’t thought of that in years. That’s all you talked about!! You liked it so much that I even bought some for my house!!! AB, PB, & I had too much fun. Thanks for letting me go play with your kiddos!!!

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  2. I hope we’ve started a new tradition at WSU leaving that bottle of Summer Sorbet behind for them. 🙂 It was so fun getting to pretend like we were in college again for a few days while you were here!

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