Five on Friday – Friday Favorites

Some weeks the struggle is real, and I only get one post done. I usually blog at night, and between the olympics and falling asleep while putting PB down, there has been NO time at night. We’ve had a lot of favorites this week. Nothing earth shattering, but every day normal favorites. This post is purely a Walther update. No cool candles or amazon deliveries. 

The weather has probably been our number one favorite. We’ve been able to enjoy it every night after dinner. 73 degrees in August is unheard of, but extremely welcomed!


These girls are my FAVORITE! I don’t think we’ve all been together since the last dinner club at my house back in March. It’s amazing what 15 kids between all of us will do to our schedules. We wish we all lived closer to each other, but since no one is willing to move – monthly bi-monthly dinners will have to do. 


Not a favorite, but earlier Tuesday afternoon, before I was to meet the girls for dinner, I was cleaning out my car, taking things into the house while the kids played in the garage. AB loves to just sit in the stroller and dream she’s being pushed around NYC again. Well, as I was coming out of the house, I saw her in slow motion falling face first, out of the stroller. She landed right on her chin and blood was everywhere. What is the first thing a concerned mom does after making sure she’s alright? Yep, you’re right, I texted my friends this picture and said, “Say a prayer we don’t need stitches, I can’t miss dinner.”  After calling MDub and telling him he had to come home because I can’t deal with blood, we confirmed all was good, and my girl dinner was still on! #priorities I’m laughing now because the pic of her below doesn’t look bad at all.


Last weekend we went to dinner for Ana’s birthday. Celebrating her 21st birthday was another favorite!  Just kidding, but we make fun that she is SOOO young. The guys were there, too – we just don’t like taking pictures with them…..or they’re too embarrassed to sit with us, not sure which one. If by some random chance you’re reading this blog, Lyle, sorry – we took the pic after you left. 

The circus was in town last weekend, and because a friend gave us some extra tickets, we decided it would be fun to go. Let me tell you the circus is not what it used to be. The kids had a blast, but it might have been about an hour too long for our PB & AB. Thank goodness for the elephant snow cones and $22 lightup wand that kept us entertained!  Something we can definitely check off our to do list. #bringtheelephantsback! #thisplaceisexpensive!

And because I’ve been a blog slacker lately, here’s a SIXTH just for the fun of it. 
We got to meet our cousin Charlotte this week for the first time. She’s such a good baby;  she never even knew we were there. We did our part by only staying 10 minutes, AND we took cookies! See the scab on AB’s chin from her fall??

Just like every Friday – I’m linking up again for Five on Friday and Friday Favorites!


3 Comments on “Five on Friday – Friday Favorites

  1. OUCH!! Poor AB, split lip AND nasty chin. Keep that chin moistened with neosporin or lotion (if it’s completely sealed) so the scab won’t be as likely to scar.

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  2. Ah your poor little one! I remember when my daughter was around 1.5 and fell into our coffee table. It was like she fell in slow motion and she bit her tongue and cut her lip. The lip healed quickly but her tongue tip turned BLACK! I was scared it would fall off or something.

    P.S. We call our daughter Annabelle “AB” sometimes!

    Stopping over from the link up- would love if you stopped by my blog as well =0) have a great weekend!

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