Catching up on Life

 All summer long, we’ve been on the go, and it’s felt like we’ve been treading water with life……barely keeping up with laundry, grocery shopping, our yard, etc. Maybe it’s because the rest of the world is starting school tomorrow, but for the first time all summer, I actually feel caught up on life. This weekend is how I wish all weekends could go. A birthday party here and there, no big plans, church on Sunday then getting ready for the start of the week.
On Saturday morning, we had a birthday party to attend, and since it didn’t start until 11:30, we were able to have a slow morning with homemade breakfast burritos, coffee and watching it pour down rain – ahhhmazing.

Look at these two cuties…. and their dads apparently called each other to coordinate their own outfits for the party. We had a blast celebrating Hudson at an INDOOR party Saturday morning!

Saturday night, Mdub had a bachelor party guys’ dinner for one of his college friends, so the kids and I pretended it was winter and partied in our long sleeve pjs!  PB picked them out, so I just went with it….AB’s not too sure!
Sunday morning was chaos as normal as we got ready for promotion Sunday at church. No pics – but I promise we were all there, all while PB was yelling the words “hot mess” in the car on the way.


Some frozen yogurt in the backyard Sunday after naps while Mdub mowed.  

We cleaned up and headed to one of our favorites for dinner. I heard a couple of month’s ago that Rosa’s was opening up a location semi close to us. Semi means, not in our neighborhood, but we also didn’t have to drive an hour. We love us some Rosa’s, although we only get it on our way to Rotan or the couple of times a year we’re in Lubbock. Finally, they are starting to invade DFW, although I bet we won’t be getting one in Dallas any time soon. For some reason chains like the burbs. PB & AB thought they needed a pic by the “chirp chirps.”

For the first time in I don’t know how long, both kids were sound asleep by 7:30 Sunday night, and I was able to attack our house. Every single item of clothing we own, except what we are all sleeping in,  is clean and put away. The kitchen is clean, the floors have been mopped, and even the pillows on the couch have been chopped.
Rewind to last weekend, my main focus was “cooking for a month.” My mom used to do this when we were little, so I thought it was time to give it a try. I’m sure there are a lot of different books and blogs on how to do this, but I used the exact same cookbook my mom used 25 years ago. All of the recipes brought back memories from when I was a kid. Now – not the healthiest, but so far, they’ve been so good. 
Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 10.39.52 PMIMG_5209

With meals in the freezer for a month, all the laundry put away and a clean kitchen – for the first time in I don’t know how long – I can start Monday the right way. Now only if my kids were starting school tomorrow like the rest of the Facebook world!  



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