We’re Ready!

After a crazy weekend, we are ready for our “new school” to start today. Mdub has been out of town since Thursday, and to say we are ready for him to be back is an understatement. I tried filling our schedule so that we wouldn’t even notice, but it’s kicking us in the butt.

On Friday, we got to meet our new teachers. This is what our meet the teacher pics have looked like starting with the first year PB went, up until this year. Crazy – where did that fat little baby go?  

Peeking into their classrooms. Notice the wardrobe change? Yep, both kids had accidents as we headed out the door. So much for cute matching. Both loved their teachers and can’t wait to see them again this morning. 


The rest of the weekend included a birthday party and falling into the duck pond at Northpark – I’ll let you guess which child.
I had to work Saturday night and Sunday morning, and BOTH babysitters cancelled on me at the last minute. A few emergency calls later, and these two got to hang out in Belton with my aunt and uncle. Thank you Gpa and Emmy …and Landry and Bay! 



On Sunday afternoon, we rushed all the way back from Austin just in time to get everything ready for school. Our nap mats were still at the monogrammer, so we road over to pic them up. 


Y’all they are so cute. They turned out better than I could have imagined. After spending stupid amounts of hours searching for fabric and not finding anything that great, I pulled the trigger and ordered premade ones online. Hallelujah I’ve found a lady in our neighborhood who monograms, so dropping off and picking up is so easy.  

And just so you know what real life looks like – this was the view just shy of the camera frame.
We are all ready (well I am at least) for another school year and for Mdub to be home – bring it Monday, you can’t be any crazier than our weekend was!


3 Comments on “We’re Ready!

  1. So glad the kids had a good first of MDO. And, oh PB, you’re a country boy at heart! 😂😂😂 That little naked hiney!

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  2. I am still cracking up at AB falling in the duck pond! The look on her face and one shoe….😂, but she’s still got her bow in her hair and is not letting go of her balloon or her baby!!!


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