Friday Post – back to school edition!

For the Walther’s, this was the first week back in a semi-routine and back to school for PB & AB. To say we are just happy to be crossing the finish line is a huge under statement. Mdub was gone for seven days, so that made getting organized and ready for the first week a little tough last weekend. I may or may not have realized at 9pm we were out of pull-ups to send Monday morning, and we may or may not have gone through the drive-thru for chicken minis on the first morning. Just keeping it real. 

Up bright and early Monday morning….maybe a little too early. By the time I was ready to take pictures outside, meltdowns were starting. Neither were having it – first day of school fail.  Nothing a little chicken minis can’t cure. By the time we got to school, they were more than willing to pose for a picture.

A pic in front of AB’s door…..I’m pretty sure she’s already embarrassed of me. Then, we had to say goodbye. Oh the dreaded goodbye from PB…it’s a Walther thing!  He tried to pull it together when he walked into his class, but his red eyes were definitely noticeable. First thing he said to me when I picked him up that afternoon, “Where’s Baby?” Not sure why he calls her that, but it’s pretty funny. It really is sweet he wants to be with her ALL THE TIME!


I may or may not have brought them home after pickup and taken a do-over in the front yard. AB may still be a little sleepy, but PB is in a much better mood. Look at how much PB has changed just in the last 3 years. He’s never been a fan of pics! I know a lot of moms do it with more kids, but can I just say 2 kids, 2 backpacks, and 2 nap mats is A LOT to carry in and out every day. #SOmuchSTUFF

IMG_5674 (1)


We love our new nap mats and backpacks. PB’s backpack is the same he’s been using for the last two years, but AB got a new one just her size. The nap mats are from Posey Lane, and I had them monogrammed locally. Stock monograms are NEVER large enough for my small town liking! #BiggerIsAlwaysBetter
I’m loving the material AB’s backpack is made out of. If anything spills, it will wipe right up. If she’s not wearing it into school, she’s wearing it around the house…all day, every day!


Why does the first week back always bring sickness?  And, of course, it had to happen while MDub was still out of town. AB had her first stomach bug Monday night, but woke up like a champ the next morning…..several pairs of pajamas, a new set of sheets, and many loads of laundry later.
Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 8.46.19 PM
Saturday morning, we’ve been waiting on you all week. We can’t wait to sleep in with MDub here to go get us donuts..hint hint.

Five on Friday !
Friday Favorites !



3 Comments on “Friday Post – back to school edition!

  1. I LOVE how PB is SO loving with AB and wants to be with her all the time! He’s already a great big brother, but the older they get, the better he’ll be. She’s a lucky girl! And, the pics are all so sweet, but I especially love the one with you and PB at the door with a tear in his eye. Of course, as usual, all the pics are so cute!


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