18 Months Old!

AB is 18 months old, and I thought I needed to document a few things. I kept waiting, thinking we would take some professional photos with the ever famous PWP, but with busy schedules, that just hasn’t happened.
At her 18-month check-up, her stats included 75% percentile head, 55% weight, and 95% height. Obviously, she get’s this height thing from her mama! This was the scene at the check-up. Our friend T was with us while his mama was working.

A few fun things about 18 months. 

~ She still eats anything and everything….including chalk and clam chowder!
~ Obsessed with shoes. Mainly any, but her own. 
~ Was/Is potty trained. While PB was potty training, so did she. We went a good month with no accidents. However, this last week she’s been reverting to old ways. Not holding our breath on this one.
~ She sleeps from 8pm to 7:30am 90% of the time
~Loves the word “No,” specifically “ummmmmm, NO”
~Is crazy obsessed with PB and loves to hug
~ She kisses all the time, especially when she knows she’s in trouble
~ Rarely has clothes on when we are home
~ Likes to pretend she’s taking selfies.  No clue where this comes from as we rarely do this at our house.
~Has around 20 words: Pie (price), mama, dada, no, milk, ju (juice), snack, yes, shoe, cat, DeeDee, please, thank you, amen, welcome, chee (cheese), Hyde, my (mine), hot, eye, night-night, poop!
~ Had her first stomach bug her first day of Mother’s Day Out.
~She’s by far the toughest little girl I’ve ever met. The list of incidents is a mile long, but most recently includes falling out of the stroller and busting the inside and outside of her lip open. 


We love you sweet girl – and crazy to think you’re already 18 months old. Where has the time gone?


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