It’s Friday!

It’s Friday y’all, which this time of year means it’s football season, and at our house, we’re representing A LOT of schools! It’s only just begun, but all five of our teams won last week! – Rotan, Hillcrest, UMHB, Tech & UT. 

We love us some UMHB football. Bay is a senior, and I’m not sure what any of us will do  this time next year. Until then, we will continue to have weekends filled with attending multiple football games.


Everyone knows we live in a house divided. I really do my best to keep things as even as possible, sometimes! A friend of ours gave AB this longhorn smocked dress, and thankfully this summer,  my favorite online boutique designed a similar Tech version.  I snatched it up as fast as I could since smocked and Tech aren’t exactly filling the shelves of RR Outfitter.  I might have ordered a little big, so I’m hoping we’ll get a good two seasons out of this one! (she’s trying to get her guns up)


Do you see AB’s shoes in both pics? They drive the rest of us crazy, but she loves them and wants to wear them ALL the TIME. They squeak when she walks, and she thinks it’s hilarious. PB had a pair when he was her age, too. These are the perfect gift for the toddler in your life!

Fitting for last Sunday night’s game, we’ve been reading this book all week. UT’s new cow longhorn made his first appearance Sunday night, and he really does look like the one in the book. I just have to mention that PB does throw his guns up when the steer gets into a fight with the masked rider in the book.
Our bookshelf is filled with Tech, UT and a couple other football books right now. You didn’t think we just had a UT book did you? This is my shameless plug for the awesome Legacy Program through the alumni association. If you’re a Tech alumni, or you wished you were and want your kids to go there, sign them up, and they will receive Tech gifts on their birthdays from TTAA. This book about the “neigh” is one of the gifts and is one of PB’s favorite.

Happy Friday – who are you cheering for this weekend??


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One Comment on “It’s Friday!

  1. Love all of this! I’ll have to talk to my brother about getting Gemma signed up for the Legacy Program. And in the meantime, I’ll be ordering her that smocked dress. I mean. ADORABLE!


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