Finally Friday!

There is nothing better than Friday. Saturday is good, but it means the next day is Sunday, and well, Sunday is fabulous, but it is never long enough. Friday is good!

Walther party of 4 is finally in our groove of school and work, and now the weeks seem to go by pretty quickly.
Part of this post might have been better suited for the middle of July, but since it’s still 125 degrees here, just go with it!

The first of those – shaving. OMG, I think I’m the last one to the coconut party, but just in case you aren’t there yet either – this is a must try. Shaving with coconut oil will change your life. I first saw it on IG a few months ago, but finally remembered to actually try it out this week. My legs feel amazing, and I might have even put a little on my gross crusty feet!
A little PSA though, shave AFTER you’ve washed your hair. Mine may or may not be a big grease ball currently. 

Speaking of Coconut oil shaving – I first learned about it from this amazing blogger. I’m officially obsessed and want to be Landyn when I grow up. A.) She’s so cute  B.) her house is to die for C.) she loves her some TJ Maxx & Marshall’s  D.) her house is to die for E.) her house is to die for! Check her out HERE

In case you missed it on Tuesday – Click HERE to read all about the Floral and Flamingo girls room I recently completed… year ago.  It’s the perfect combo of some typical little girl favorites and will make you wish you were still lying on the beach!


I have zero – zero pics of my kids from this week. Probably because this is how our week has gone. Holy separation anxiety where did you come from? Both kids are a crying mess at drop off each morning, which makes me feel awful, but I have work to do, so see ya. They are perfectly fine at pickup, so I know the crying only lasts a short while.
However, at bedtime – PB owns us….literally owns us! You can’t even see him in the monitor below because of all the pillows, just poor MDub trying to sneak out after PB has FINALLY fallen asleep.

So, seeing that the last week month has been anything but stellar in the sleep department, I laughed super hard when I saw these quotes below this week. #Truth



Happy Friday Friends – if you want to keep up with our sleep deprived, crazy life, CLICK HERE. There might actually be a cute room posted once in a while!

Most Fridays, I link up for Five on Friday and Friday Favorites.



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