First Friday of Fall

The calendar says it’s officially fall, so we’re going with it today. My house has been decorated for several weeks, and the fall candles have been burning. Since this is one of my favorite times of the year, I might be talking fall every week from now until it’s time to pull out the Christmas tree!

White pumpkins are all the rage, and that makes me happy. You can never have enough white! Target has a great one right now with a gold stem, so chic and simple. As if I need anymore, I have a couple in my cart as we speak!


l  I found out last week PB is supposed to wear his Halloween PJs the day of his class party. I’ve now been on the hunt for the perfect pair. This is my ridiculous personality – I will search online for the cutest pair out there. One of a kind, monogrammed, and something no one has ever seen.  I won’t find anything I’m truly in love with, and I’ll end up running to Old Navy at 8:30 the night before to pick some up at the last minute. I guarantee you this is the set of Halloween PJs we will end up with, which are still very, very cute!



I picked up this candle this week at TJMaxx- white pumpkin.  I saw another blogger rave about it, so I thought I would try it. For the price, it definitely smells great, and that packaging is ahhh-mazing. The weather is not cooperating, but at least it smells like fall in our house! Sidenote: It’s not a good thing that TJMaxx is right next to my kids’ school. I’m the mom frantically running in 5 minutes late to get my kids because I HAD to make a “quick” stop. 


I’m in love with this Etsy shop. I told her this week I just need to order one of everything she designs, because they are that cute. Look how perfect these fall tractor placemats are. A little Rotan combined with fall AND polka dots. Even better – they are $10. Heather can create anything and everything you NEED!

Since yesterday was the official day of fall – I shared a few shots of our house, just waiting on some crisp weather. Click HERE if you missed it.

Happy first weekend of Fall!

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