Finally Friday!

It’s Finally Friday, and hallelujah, it’s actually been a week that has felt like fall. Please, please let this weather stay around from now until November!  

This week………
In case you missed it yesterday, click here for a throw back tour of our first house. I was reminiscing about a house that had zero cheerios stuck in the carpet and a white couch free of chocolate milk stains – those were the days!Kitchen

How ’bout those Red Raiders last night? Yesterday, we channeled our inner cheerleader with an itsy-bitsy cheer uniform and big bow, along with future frat daddy in his boots! We need to work on getting the correct hand signals at the appropriate time. AB is either telling me she’s two, which she’s not, or she’s an SMU pony!

This week for some random reason, I decided to google my name to see what all came up – anyone else ever do that? One of my favorite bookcases ever showed up, so of course, I clicked to see. A fun website called “How to Simplify” featured it HERE in a post about bookshelf decorating. Thanks for the shoutout – so fun! 

DSC_7714 copy 2

Last weekend was football free for us, so we actually got to enjoy a weekend at home. We hit up the birthday circuit and then had dinner with our favorite friends. One last party with snow cones and water balloons at the splash park until next year!

Everyone, run fast to a TJ MAxx near you. The cutest pineapple cookie jar I ever did see. I really wanted to buy them out, but I refrained. I used to have a cake plate problem, and now I think it’s turning into a pineapple problem. #firstworldproblems


Have a fabulous fall weekend. I’m dreaming of jeans, boots and a jacket for tomorrow’s 1:00pm football game – doubt it happens, but I can dream!

Most Friday’s I’m linking up for Five on Friday and Friday Favorites!


2 Comments on “Finally Friday!

  1. Very exciting for your designs to be spotlighted! You’re doing a great job! Proud of you!!!


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