Finally Friday!

Woohoo – it’s been a crazy week of late night meetings, babysitter shuffles, and some sickness thrown in. I would say hallelujah for the weekend, but our weekend is just down right, insanely busy, and it won’t get much better for another week or so. Birthday parties, TX-OU, a high school reunion thrown in there, and then another fun event Sunday afternoon. I already need a nap!

In case you missed it yesterday, I’m once again participating in the One Room Challenge. I decided to tackle my own kitchen  – wish me luck, and keep checking back each Thursday to see if it really happens!

I talked about ordering these placemats a couple of weeks ago. My kids are obsessed, and it really has cut down on a messy kitchen table. They are excited each morning to eat off their “umkins.”  Heather Beck makes the cutest “anything you can think of,” so check her out!


It was Fair Day at school this week, so we tried to dress the part. Any excuse for PB to wear his boots, and he’s all over it. Three different locations and 48 pictures later, not a single good one. The struggle is real when trying to get two toddlers to cooperate for a pic!

In just one week – this little boy will be three years old. How is that even possible? In some ways it seems like forever ago that we were bringing home a 5 lb baby; others, it seems just like yesterday. I think this is where I’m supposed to say, “slow down time!”

And because it’s 2:00 am, and I haven’t felt that great the last couple of days – I got nothin’ else for ya!  Some weeks you get 5 or 6, and days like today, you get a little less. 

Most weeks, you can find me linking up for Friday Favorites and Five on Friday!



2 Comments on “Finally Friday!

  1. Those placemats are so cute. And I can’t believe PB will be 3! Can’t wait to see pics from his birthday party!!


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