One Room Challenge – Week 2


1475708130758 Ok – let’s get right down to business here. It’s week 2 of the One Room Challenge, and if you are following along from last week, you know that I’m actually working on a room in my own house. Which lately, is unheard of!
Last week, I shared what the current space looks like. White 1980’s counters, with a little cheeto slime, mixed with original appliances, and a bad race stripe backsplash.
Dying to see it – check it out HERE.

New Plan – copy the kitchen from our old house. I love that kitchen, and since we only lived there for a year after we finished remodeling, I basically want to recreate the space in this house. Of course with a few modifications.

So here’s the plan……
1. Take down the wall in between the kitchen and living room. This will open up the space and make both rooms feel larger and create an open concept floor plan. slide1slide1

2. New Countertops – Carrara Marble
3. Install Backsplash
4. Double Ovens
5. Vent-a-hood
6. Install microwave over ovens
7. Replace sink, faucet and dishwasher
8. Window treatments
9. Pendants – maybe. I’m not sure if it will be possible because of the vent-a-hood.
10. Enjoy Thanksgiving in a new kitchen!  

I was able to find the original pics of when we bought the house. Bad bad bad!  

In the end, this isn’t our forever house. Of course, I would do things a little more bold and a tad different if it were, but this needs to be a remodel for future buyers. I’m hoping the finished space will do just that!

Week 1

And if you need some fun blog reading this weekend – check out all the other link ups HERE. A ton of fun transformations going on! Check back each week for updated progress!



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