One Room Challenge – Week 3


How is already week three of this six week One Room Challenge? That scares me a little, and I’m pretty much already telling you that there’s probably NO way this thing will be finished in time. Are we sensing a theme here? I did the same thing last season; however, that was not my fault – I was waiting on a baby to be born for that one. 

Ok, back to the project. This was the first week something actually happened, well other than a dishwasher being installed. And I actually don’t even care if nothing else gets done. It is SO nice to have the wall taken down in between the kitchen and living room.
We finished up the birthday party weekend, and then about 3:00 pm on Sunday afternoon, I begged MDub to take a sledge hammer to the wall. After much complaining and one new tool later, he was having a lot of fun. Why does it take so much building up of men before they agree to do something? Never fails, Mdub always enjoys the job, but getting him to do it is less than a simple task.

On to the fun pics!


I’m hoping the electrical gets moved and counters get measured next week. We shall see!
Here’s a reminder of what the finished plan will hopefully look like!

slide1Stay tuned to see more updates. 

So here’s the plan……
1. Take down the wall in between the kitchen and living room.  
2. New Countertops – Carrara Marble
3. Install Backsplash
4. Double Ovens
5. Vent-a-hood
6. Install microwave over ovens
7. Replace sink, faucet and dishwasher
8. Window treatments
9. Pendants – maybe. I’m not sure if it will be possible because of the vent-a-hood.
10. Enjoy Thanksgiving in a new kitchen!

Week 1
Week 2


7 Comments on “One Room Challenge – Week 3

  1. Wow! What a difference it makes with that wall gone! Ready to see what you get done next!


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