Finally Friday!

It’s Friday and I’m ready….ready for at least one day of not doing much at all – which, of course, may or may not happen. 

We celebrated big over the weekend with lots of family and friends. PB turned three, and he’s still on cloud 9. We might be eating this amazing cake for the next three months! Click HERE to see all the pics!

If you missed my link up yesterday for the One Room Challenge progress, click HERE. It’s week three, and I’m freaking out just a little that not much has been done AT ALL. Someone send me some handymen stat!

As if a birthday party and a small kitchen remodel wasn’t enough last weekend, we headed to Cowboy’s Stadium to watch Coop play football. After the game, look who got to take a peek into the cheerleaders’ locker room. I think she was having a moment!

A birthday favorite find!  I’ve always seen really cute birthday backdrop banners on Pinterest and wondered how the mom/crazy party planner made them. I just assumed someone had a really good printer or painted it. Well, I’ve finally conqured the awesome trick and have to share. Create your graphic, if that’s  your thing, or have your awesome invitation lady make one, and then send it to Staples to be printed. But here’s the trick – you tell the guy behind the counter you want it printed as an Engineering Print, and you save a good $40. The cost is crazy cheap compared to a poster or full color banner and the quality was perfect. Especially for a 2 hour use and then something that is now in the dumpster of the museum. For a 30X42 I paid $6.99 – my most favorite find of the month!  

Have a great weekend – maybe this is the first real weekend of Fall since the weather is semi cooperating. Most Friday’s  you can find me linking up for Five on Friday and Friday Favorites!


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