One Room Challenge – Week 4


It’s week 4 of the One Room Challenge, and, yea, it’s not getting done!  Debby Downer over here I know, but y’all – why do projects take FOREVER in your own home?  

The one main update of the week – electrical. Such a boring topic, but had to be done…and it’s not even all the way finished. I now have an even bigger mess than before the electrician came. There were a few outlets and the light switch for the room housed in the wall that came down. Therefore, it all has to be moved through the attic to another wall.

Before the electrician…..img_6548

…..and After!img_6554img_6553img_6555img_6556

So – this next week will be spent hopefully patching, removing the backsplash on the other side of the kitchen, and then getting this place put back together. 

I stare at this approximately 400 times a day for motivation to finish. Let’s get this thing done!!!  


Just to make myself feel better, I added more items to the to-do list

So here’s the plan……
1. Take down the wall in between the kitchen and living room.
2. New Countertops – Carrara Marble
3. Install Backsplash
4. Double Ovens
5. Vent-a-hood
6. Install microwave over ovens
7. Replace sink, faucet and dishwasher
8. Window treatments – ordered
9. Pendants – maybe. I’m not sure if it will be possible because of the vent-a-hood.
10. Move outlets and light switch

11. Enjoy Thanksgiving in a new kitchen!
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3

Stay tuned to see more updates.


4 Comments on “One Room Challenge – Week 4

  1. Hang in there! It’ll get done, and be beautiful! You’ll be so excited when it’s all finished!!


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