Halloween/Fall 2016

We’ve Pumpkin’d hard at the Walther house. From school pumpkin patch to church fall festival to pumpkin carving to trick or treating, it’s been so much fun. 

So here’s a recap……the pumpkin patch at school started it all. It was actually the only day thus far that was a tad chilly, the perfect pumpkin picking weather!img_6488


Wearing our fall outfits!img_6564

Then we headed to our church fall festival. Back story: PB was stoked about his tractor costume ALL afternoon. We got home from church, and it’s all he could talk about. He wore his hat around the house ALL afternoon and begged to wear the tractor. Well, we got in the car to head to the festival late Sunday afternoon, and, of course, he fell asleep for a good 8 minutes; therefore, he was in the worst mood ever. Refused to wear his costume….UGH!  A fun, HOT night of games, bounce houses, and lots of sugar!


As if that wasn’t enough fun for one day, we headed home to carve our pumpkins. Mom fail on not buying actual knives to carve with – next year!  However, I think our superman and kitty face turned out pretty well. Does anyone else think AB’s arms crossed are as funny as me?  What about those brown tights she has on?

I know I’m the only one that thinks these two are twins – but they look so much alike here!img_3172img_3195-1img_3302

Monday morning the kids were excited to wear their Halloween pajamas to school. Spider   & kitty jammies for the win!

When I picked PB up from school Monday afternoon his teacher told me she didn’t think he felt well. GREAT PB – we have a fun night planned, NOT the time to get sick. 

We at least got a pic of him by his tractor WITH the lights on!  It all went down hill from here as he was NOT having it. AB loved her some candy and ate the entire night UP. She loved it all. 

After we made the neighborhood rounds, we headed home for a breathing treatment. WHHHY didn’t I do this BEFORE we went out?  He was as good as new and ready for a picture!  We might be taking a few “do overs” tomorrow!img_6658img_6670

Despite a little sickness, we had the best Halloween. PB does NOT like change or a big to do, and as soon as his mama realizes that, we will all be much happier. Until then, this mama will keep trying!!!


5 Comments on “Halloween/Fall 2016

  1. Such sweet pictures! I love the pumpkin carving ones! When your daughter is 17 like Bethany she will be horrified that she wasn’t wearing more clothes! I think they are precious!

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  2. Such a cute costume theme!! PB now has a fun toy tractor to play with even though he wasn’t into wearing it last night. And love your Rotan Gin cap!

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