Finally Friday!

I would normally say Finally Friday, but this week has flown by! I’m guessing it’s because of Monday being Halloween, and then the rest of the week was spent trying to come off the Halloween candy hangover. Either way, it was just Monday 3 seconds ago. 

Speaking of Halloween – check out all our pics here. Despite a certain three year old not cooperating with his costume, we had the best time.

I saw this quote this week and about died. How true is that? However in my case, I’m still using it!!!!! There’s nothing worse in my opinion than getting an email from someone telling you they’ve changed their email address. So, that’s my excuse as to why I’m still using the first email address I created over 18 years ago.

Speaking of embarrassment, check out this kitchen!!!  We’re setting records over here for the longest reno progress ever. Slowly, things are coming together. We’ve just been waiting on a carpenter and countertops!!

We’ve officially pulled out the turkey plates and placemats! Remember those cute fall placemats the kids have been using? Well, such a genius idea, but Heather put Thanksgiving turkeys on the opposite side. The kids have been loving the tractor side, but this week we convinced them it was time for some turkey love. The plates are from PB Kids, although it’s not showing them online right now. Anything to make meal time a little more fun!


Two years ago, a sweet family trusted me with my first ever “surprise nursery.” Meaning, I was the only one that knew what they were having – how cool is that. When they went to the hospital to have the baby, I went to their house to start decorating the nursery so they would come home to a complete room. Well, this week that family trusted me with their second surprise nursery, and it was so much fun. In between church and carnival Sunday afternoon, I headed to their house to install. (thank you for having a baby on the weekend)
I also put some finishing touches on big sisters room while I was there. Here’s some sneak peeks of both rooms. 


It’s a big weekend in the Walther house – Tech/UT…….where it all began 13 years ago. We’re going to the game, but separately. We’ve gotten smarter over the last couple years, and it’s just best we don’t sit together.
Happy Friday!!!

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4 Comments on “Finally Friday!

  1. Love the unicorns in the surprise nursery —- such a girly touch. Really cute!!! Can’t believe it’s already November. Time for all things turkey!! Cute plates!

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  2. So many favorites from your blog today! First those turkey plates and placemats – adorable!! And that nursery is so so cute – I love it! And, I can’t believe you and Marcus met 13 years ago. Where has the time gone?! And I started laughing out loud when I read that you don’t sit together. Smart 😉 WRECK ‘EM!


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