Finally Friday!

It’s Fri – YAY!  Can I get an Amen?  I switched the title of this post a few weeks ago to Finally Friday, but to be honest – nothing finally about it. I swear it was just July 4th about 30 minutes ago. Although I think our Tuesday might have lasted longer than 24 hours. The kids are at home with me on Tuesdays, and this week Mdub decided to get a strange sinus headache that kept him in bed for almost 24 hours. Great day for the kids to be home!

Several weeks ago,  Crane and Company  asked me to participate in a series called “How to Create the Coziest Fall-Ready Bedroom.” Well, since fall here in Texas is a brisk 75 degrees, let’s just say dreams of cuddling up with layers and layers of bedding isn’t  happening at our house. No matter the season, I’m still a clean, crisp white bedding kind of girl, so the best way to create a cozier look is with a throw. These throws Crane and Company has right now come in the best colors and work perfectly with my white bedding.
Wouldn’t these make great Christmas gifts, too? (hint hint)


Mom fail #432 of the week. Somehow we made it to church on Wednesday night with only one of AB’s shoes. It would have taken way too long to go home and get the other one, so in she went. This is her showing me her sock she was so proud of in the parking garage. Notice PB singing a new song he just learned??img_6852img_6850

If you’ve been following along, for over the past month, I was participating in the One Room Challenge. This is a blogger’s excuse to transform a room in six weeks, updating your progress along the way. Needless to say, my kitchen is not finished, but it’s getting there. Even though the challenge is officially over, I’ll update the finished space one it’s complete… 2018 at this rate! Until then, let’s just remember how awesome the kitchen was at our first house. kitchen-3kitchen-3

Can we talk about this weather?  Absolutely amazing! We’ve been spending as much time outside as we can. We still love going for walks in our little pink car while PB zooms ahead in his “4wheeler.” Every now and then AB will let him take her for a spin, but she doesn’t last long due to his scary driving.

We have a fun weekend planned. Shopping with friends, football games, and headed to a home tour. No one loves a home tour more than me!  Happy Friday, Friends!


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3 Comments on “Finally Friday!

  1. Oh, AB, and one shoe!!! AND, her hat while she’s riding in her pink car down the street!! LOVE!!!!


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