What we’ve been up to…..

Lately, our weeks seem to be pretty routine, but our weekends are busy, busy. 

Last Friday, Kelsey and I took the girls to Flea Style. Last year we went on a Saturday, and it was super crowded, so this year we went for preview night. The girls enjoyed checking themselves out to make sure their outfits were on point and then thought the cheese quesadilla was pretty good. Even though it was past their bedtimes, they had a blast, and we always love visiting Jenny’s booth for some good finds.



Saturday we were up bright and early to hit up Mila Poppy’s birthday party. We only stayed 5 secs (bad friends) because our Saturdays are currently revolving around UMHB football games.

Each week Baylor (my cousin) has a huge fan club. We are all in love, and since he’s the baby of 9 grandkids, we’re all a little obsessed with him. Not to mention, he’s just a stud. It’s now playoff time, and we hope our Saturdays are booked well into December.
The kids (including MDub) have so much fun and are going to think it’s normal to play on the field after all football games. This week AB would NOT take off that giant helmet. Pretty sure it weighs more than she does. 

img_6951img_6910img_6950img_6922img_6945img_6942img_6941img_693215036654_10153413892817325_4054881982753651474_n-1Look how many people love this guy – and there’s a ton more that just weren’t there.

Here’s to hoping my blog posts for the next five weeks are nothing but purple and gold!


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