Finally Friday

Happy Friday, Friends. It’s so crazy to think it’s the Friday before Thanksgiving. Where has the year gone??  We have the kids’ Thanksgiving feast today at their school, more football, and hopefully tackling our Christmas decorations this weekend.

Speaking of Christmas, I’ve slowly started buying a few gifts here and there. So far, my favorite is this flamingo for AB. How cute will this look peeking out of her stocking on Christmas morning?

If you missed my post on Tuesday about what we’ve been up to lately – check it out here. Football is definitely a fav in this house. 

AB and I have been living in our semi matching house shoes all week. She wants to have hers on at all times. She may have even left the house several times in them. A perfect gift for a boy or girl. They are so soft and stay on really well. Mine came with my favorite pajamas two years ago – an easy slip-on and super soft!

Speaking of AB – look at this crazy! One minute she’s decked out in her Thursday morning best – camo hat, play shoes, and cookie cutter bracelets. The next, she’s looking SOOO sweet with straight hair. Not sure why, but I just wanted to see what would happen if I took a straightener to it, and I LOVE it. We won’t be doing this on a daily basis, but it’s so fun to know it’s an option.

My favorite hooks ever are big time on sale right now. I have these throughout our house in chrome and love them. They come in a couple of different sizes, and I have both. I have the large ones in our bathrooms and the smaller ones by our backdoor for backpacks. The small ones are such a great price right now.  I’m ordering the antiqued brass……for our next house! ( Mdub is currently rolling his eyes)

Have a great weekend – for real football weather might be happening!!!

Most Friday’s I’m linking up for Five on Friday and Friday Favorites. 


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