Christmas Decor

Let’s do this Christmas!
It’s officially December 1st, and we are big time into the Christmas spirit.  Our decor is up, the outdoor lights are on the house, and Christmas music has been playing non stop. PB is loving all things Santa while AB just walks around pointing at all the snowflakes ~ I can tell it’s going to be a magical year. 

Christmas at the Walther’s

Prior to putting up all our decor, I’m not going to lie, I was a little worried about AB and the tree.  So far, all is good, and both kids have been great not to touch. I’m not holding my breath for wrapped gifts though.

Come on in and take a look at our house!


If everything could be white, it would, and I may or may not have a glitter problem.
Our Santa pics are scattered throughout, and the kids have loved looking at the “babies” in Santa’s lap. I really try to just mix in the Christmas with our every day decor. 

img_8103img_8092img_8078 img_8064img_8076img_8051img_8049img_8071img_6885

The Kids’ Rooms

I kept it simple in AB’s room adding a few snowflakes above her bed. They might stay up way past December  – they’re “wintry,” right??
Both kids enjoyed decorating and redecorating PB’s tree multiple times on Monday afternoon!


We still have 24 more days of celebrating, and that sounds way too short.The kids are at such a fun age – please, don’t grow up, so we can do this forever!!!

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6 Comments on “Christmas Decor

  1. Very jealous! I still have boxes everywhere! My desire to take my time decorating and mixing things up a little has been squashed between the Eagles still being in football and having two seniors in my house! So tickled to watch your sweet kids enjoy life!

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  2. Your house looks great! Will you come to my house and do mine, now? It will be such a fun Christmas season with your kids!


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