Finally Friday!

It’s Friday once again, and we have had the most fun week. This whole Christmas thing with kids is just so much fun, and it’s just getting started. 

What we’ve been up to!

Did you see our Thanksgiving pics on Monday? If not click HERE.  We had a blast with 42 Mullins-Sherman-Morrows!

We kicked off Christmas the second we got home from Thanksgiving and haven’t looked back. The house is decorated, we’re trying this elf thing out, and Christmas music has been playing 24-7!

We had our annual girls’ Favorite Things party last night, and guess what I gifted?  I found these pineapples back in August and knew I had found the perfect gift. I added gold measuring cups because they are just so cute right now. Anything to make cooking a little more fun!
Wrapping paper note – I always think fun, non-traditional wrapping paper is so cute, but can’t bring myself to do it as my main paper during the holidays. This girls’ party is such a good excuse to try something different and funky – the pink trees and matching napkins were a big hit 



My favorite picture of the entire week – not staged, not begging for a smile, just a simple action photo. I’m telling you, just like other kids, they are loving Christmas this year. 


Only 22 more sleeps until Christmas, and I already need an alarm so I don’t forget to move this elf. #thethingswedo!

Happy Weekend!!!


2 Comments on “Finally Friday!

  1. The picture of the kids decorating the tree is priceless! Needs to be framed! The pineapples and measuring cups are such a cute gift idea! Great post today!!

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