Favorite Things Party


Our Favorite Things tradition started about four years ago, and it’s a night we all look forward to the entire year. It’s our way of celebrating Christmas together, exchanging gifts, and an excuse to do dinner with our group of six best friends.

Here’s How We Gift!

We set a limit and buy five of the exact same thing. It’s supposed to be our favorite things we currently love, but it’s also been gifts we wished we had or items we secretly needed an excuse to buy ourselves.

In years past we’ve always held the party in one of our homes, but with so many sleeping babies this year, we decided to move it to a restaurant. Quite hilarious carrying in so many gifts and everyone in the restaurant wondering what is going on. We even had to reserve another table just for the gifts – first world problems!  We passed the point of caring that strangers were looking at us weirdly while taking pictures of each gift.  By about the third gift, we were the only ones in the restaurant, so it didn’t matter anyway.


So let’s get to it.
First up – the pineapples and gold measuring cups. The pineapple is obviously currently my favorite thing, and I just needed an excuse to buy these cute gold measuring cups. Back in August, I knew it was the gift I was giving, so ever since I’ve been on the hunt. I was sweating it, but about a week ago, I finally found the final 5th pineapple on a lonely shelf at HomeGoods – also my favorite place!


Second – we opened our next favorite thing…literally. Last year JV gifted us these pants ,and we begged her to give them again. They are so comfy and the best winter sleep pant ever. 



Thirdthis throw!  Al did so great. It’s the softest blanket ever and so pretty. It’s the perfect snuggle item that my kids have already been fighting over. (don’t worry, PWP didn’t get a peppermint blanket, she’s holding the bag it came in!)screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-6-10-48-am


Our fourth gift was so fun and so Paige. Some comfy sleep shorts, the best t-shirt and, of course, some undies. For the life of me I can’t find the link to the undies – so just believe me!


Next up – More comfy!  This was the theme, and maybe just explains us a little. Most years we’ve done this party in our pajamas, so I guess we were all wishing that was the case this year. JM gave us the best Christmas pajamas. Ours are even cuter than these, but they must be sold out, because they aren’t showing up online. Even though none of us will be together on Christmas morning (ok, two of you may be) we will all be matching!

The sixth and final gift – SIX Y’ALL – just kept giving. A fun red scarf, the best 10 foot phone charger, and an automatic wine opener. Erin also included her favorite bottle of red wine in an adorable buffalo check bag, continuing with her theme of red!


Pictures from Favorite things past:
First year – a combined total of 8 babies

Second year – a combined total of 9 babies and one on the way!screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-6-02-45-am

Third Year- a combined total of 12 babies and 3 on the way


Fourth year – a combined total of 15 babies and ZERO on the way!


5 Comments on “Favorite Things Party

  1. I’m so glad you shared the gifts! I was wondering what were everyone’s favorites! Looks like a great night with some great girls!

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  2. What a fun tradition! I love “favorite things” we have done this on a smaller level with my team at school! It is such fun to share things I love with people I love and know they will enjoy them just as I do!


  3. The pictures from years past are great and with the account of the number of babies you all have — 15!!!! WOW!! What a fun night!!! Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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