Finally Friday

It’s finally Friday and finally C-O-L-D. Holy cow where did this come from? It’s amazing and miserable all at the same time. Miserable to buckle kids into carseats with massive coats on, miserably cold playing outside, but amazing because it finally feels like Christmas!  This girl – not afraid of the cold. The more clothes and accessories she can have on – the better!

This week we’ve taken advantage of several Christmas activities and have even more planned this weekend. 
Sunday night was Christmas Live at our church, and the kids had a blast. Mom fail that we didn’t get there earlier. We might have been the last people in the parking garage because the kids just didn’t want to leave. Live nativity, donkey rides, face painting, balloons, ice slide and food trucks – so much fun!


Did you see my post on Tuesday about our girls’ annual Favorite Things party? I shared all the details HERE– such a fun night every year with these girls!

Trains and the puppet show at Northpark with our favorite neighbors on Wednesday night.  A sign we’ve been watching too much Paw Patrol – PB’s tongue. It’s out in ev-er-y sin-gle pic lately.  #pickingmybattles


I’m obsessed with these three stuffed animals. Several weeks ago, I saw them in a house that was on a home tour, and now I’m on a mission to find them for AB. Flamingo – done. That one was easy, and it’s ready for her stocking, but the other two are giving me trouble. I even know the brand, Jellycat, but they aren’t on the website. If anyone has seen these – PLEEEEASE tell me where!!!

If you need a Christmas gift, birthday gift, stocking stuffer, this is your girl. My favorite artist ever just happens to be a great friend, and she’s the bomb. Anything you want painted – she can whip it out. Look how cute this little abstract piece is that she did for my SIL. That frame though!!!! Jenny Grumbles – you’re the best!!!


Off to move our elf – who would have thought you could forget so easily!
Happy Friday!

Most Friday’s I can be found linking up for Five on Friday and Friday Favorites!


2 Comments on “Finally Friday

  1. We spent many holidays enjoying all Northpark has to offer! Always a fun time! This area has more to do than there is time to do it! The painting is beautiful, I know it will be a cherished gift! Happy Holidays!


  2. I love that your church has such an amazing Christmas Live. So much fun for the whole family while focusing on the sole purpose of the Christmas season. And BRRRRRR is right! I just thought I was ready for winter — not so sure now!!!

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