‘Tis the Season

The celebration continues at the Walther house. In between football games, we’ve been eating, breathing, and sleeping Christmas. So much fun and so many fun memories.
On Friday night, we shared a carriage ride with some friends to look at lights. It was possibly the coldest night this year, but we were prepared. My kids were so excited to ride the “neigh.” Four days later and they’re still talking about it. This might have to become a Christmas tradition we continue. 

Probably ten photos taken and not a single good one. Too many distractions! 



Saturday morning before we headed to Belton, we found “HoHo” drinking the syrup for the pancakes he made us. Now, I know the whole elf thing is sort of ridiculous, and Pintrest has turned it into much more than it was originally intended. At our house, our elf, so far, has been pretty normal and hasn’t done anything too outrageous or elaborate. Ain’t nobody got time for that. If only he could find time to finish this kitchen reno!!!

Sunday morning Christmas Trees…. literally. It’s hard to see, but PB has trees on his pants, AB on her dress, and then we hung ornaments on a tree in the commons.  There was a table set up to write prayer requests on ornaments, and guess what PB wanted to pray for. Mdub and I cringed as he hung it on the tree since the writing is definitely an adult’s handwriting. #It’sInHisBlood. #GOBAYimg_7347

Next up – a visit to Santa. There’s a 50/50 chance we have one excited little boy and one screaming little girl.
Merry Christmas!!!


2 Comments on “‘Tis the Season

  1. Prayers for football, they are real! I can’t wait to see your Santa pics! I know they will be precious! I shared a pic with your mom to share with you! It one of our BU friends grandkids RUNNING from Santa screaming!

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  2. Their Christmas tree outfits are just too adorable! Love me some PB and AB!!! And I thought everyone prayed for “football!” #footballfamilyproblems

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