Finally Friday!!

It’s finally Friday – can I get an Amen? I mean, our house is ready for this weather to make up it’s mind, and the sickness to subside.

This was such a fun week despite not feeling 100%.
On Wednesday, I proclaimed the official start to 2017 and finally got organized. I shared an office space I spent the last year working on. Not really a year, but almost. #dangbackorder! #ilovebookcases

Then, a short three hours later another post since Valentine’s Day is sneaking up on us. I partnered with some talented friends to make one lucky girl have an oh-so- fun mail day. It was so much fun to participate, and if you’re still needing Valentines for your kids, Heather is your girl and Julie has so many fun ideas to make the day festive.

So speaking of getting organized. I came across this planner last week and knew it was for me. So far, it’s exactly what I need – Not too bulky, has the perfect amount of space to write AND it’s just so simple and pretty.  This is the year for “making pretty choices” as my “friend” Landyn would say. Right now Mdub is rolling his eyes because he can’t understand my obsession with her. Go check her out – she’s super cute. 
Ok, back to the planner. It has space for weekly meal planning, work to-do, personal to-do,  along with plenty of blank pages in the back. Plus, I can see these going on the shelf after each year as pretty decor.  Go getcha one!


This Dallas weather CAN NOT make up its mind. I’m all about the cold, we get enough heat in the summer, but this back and forth biz is for the birds. If it wasn’t for our allergies, I  would have no problem with it. After school Wednesday, we stayed and played for a while since we knew Thursday would be 20 degrees cooler. These two LOVE the ramps and could run up and down them for hours.

Happy Friday Friends -hopefully I’m back blogging, and 2017 will be a fantastic year.

5 on Friday ~ Friday Favorites


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