Kids’ Valentines

I finished up the kids’ Valentines over the weekend, and they turned out oh so cute. Of course, I bought them from my sweet friend, Heather, and then printed myself. She customizes them for your child, and then you are able to print the size you desire.

Since AB is really into farm animals right now, I knew she would love something with a cow. I ordered a few lip whistles to attach and called it a day. She’s already found them and every time she walks by, she has a whistle in her mouth. Except, in true Dayme fashion, I ordered them super fast, and when they came in, they are mustache whistles. I’m hoping   the 2 year olds don’t notice. #momfail.annabellvday


PB is handing out the same Valentines as he did last year. We are at a new school with new friends this year, so no one will even notice!  He’s still obsessed with trains, so handing out train whistles to his friends will make his day. A little red ribbon, cute tag from Heather and a kid size train whistle make for a very fun little boy Valentine.


If you’re still searching for the perfect Valentines for your kids or even yourself, Heather is your girl. A simple way to print at home and then Amazon prime yourself some fun goodies to attach!  Oh Amazon – how did we live before you?
Happy Valentines!


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